What we offer

Taita Inti is a spiritual project that provides different tools to people in order to help them to OPEN and RECONNECT with their HEARTS. In other words, EMPOWER PEOPLE to find the EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, AND mental BALANCE necessary to LIVE a HAPPY LIFE in HARMONY with themselves and with the environment.

When we find BALANCE, we RECONNECT with OUR HEARTS in all aspects of humanity, we AWAKE to a new way of life, a new form of consciousness, and therefore we TRANSFORM  into new human beings full of LOVE and LIGHT.

Currently, we don't have a specific place for our work; what we do is TRAVEL AROUND THE PLANET carrying out a MISSION of helping people. 


Kambo Session

Tobacco Purge

Master Plants Dietas

Integration and Therapeutic Help

Readings and Spiritual Guidance